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HCG Weight Loss

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People just like you are losing up to 45 lbs in as little as 30 days on Vibrational HCG without the cost or side effects of prescription drugs. And, they are keeping it off! -- What is it?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a natural protein hormone that develops in the placenta during the first trimester of pregnancy. HCG is believed to reset the hypothalamus by sending signals to begin breaking down and using abnormally high body fat as a primary fuel source. This means significant weight can be lost in a very short time. Vibrational HCG by Genesis Herbs triggers the hypothalamus to release and metabolize the abnormal (toxic) fat you are carrying, for your body to use as energy or “food”. Therefore, when you go on a very low calorie diet while taking the drops, your body makes up the difference in the calories it needs to function by using your stored fat as food. This results in increased fat burning, rapid weight loss, and an overall body transformation. Once the weight is lost, Dr. Simeon’s protocol claims you will establish a lower body weight “set-point”. This will help boost your metabolism, ending the diet wars forever!

3 Major Benefits of Abnormal Fat Release:

  1.  You will lose weight (1 – 2 lbs daily).
  2. Your stored fat will help support your daily caloric needs.
  3. You will burn fat from areas that are typically hard to reduce (waist, hips, thighs and buttocks).

What Makes Vibrational HCG by Genesis Herbs the Best Product on the Market?

Not all HCG is created equally. Unfortunately, many low cost producers of Homeopathic HCG have saturated the market with poor quality products that are often ineffective.

Genesis Herbs takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality and the most effective product on the market. Vibrational HCG by Genesis Herbs is an organic, glycerin based, vibrational compound produced in an FDA Approved manufacturing facility.

There are many companies offering discounted Homeopathic HCG products. Consumers of these products quickly find they have wasted both time and money on a 1 oz. alcohol based bottle, full of fillers, making it highly unstable and quite often ineffective.

With over 650,000 bottles sold in the U.S., Genesis Herbs is confident that our reputation for quality and effectiveness speaks for itself!

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