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The Alocado™ Dead Sea treatment line separates the different skin conditions related to the Psoriasis by having a dedicated product per condition (symptom), those products can work by themselves or in combination with other products in the line. The fact that these products can work in combination with one another provides you with the option of building the right combination needed to suit the exact condition of your skin and thus achieving better and longer lasting results. Alocado contains a combination of four products for the treatment of dry to very dry irritated, itchy, flaky and damaged skin. 
Each product is dedicated to one skin symptom and can be applied alongside the other products for achieving better and longer lasting results.
The Alocado™ PSOAID Body kit contains the following products:
™ Silver for very dry and scaly skin. 
Alocado™ Gold for irritated and damaged skin. 
Alocado™ Skin Softener for very dry, rough skin and 
Alocado™ mineral Cream for dry itchy skin as a long term maintenance cream.

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