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 Leigh Valentine Beauty is a successful, established brand offering nationally recognized pharmaceutical and spa grade health and beauty products in the multi-billion dollar Anti-Aging Industry. The company’s founder and formulator, Leigh Valentine, launched her company in 1998. At first, Ms. Valentine formulated her health and beauty products herself, in her own home. She knew it was something special when women of all ages kept asking, “What are you using to make my skin look so incredible?” Soon she expanded out of her kitchen and into a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, proprietary ingredients, and scientifically tested, exclusive formulas. Leigh Valentine went on to became a top sales producer on the largest televised home shopping network, appearing on QVC in over 700 airings within a 10 year period. Leigh Valentine Beauty’s products continue to provide the long term results people are looking for, having currently netted over $250 million in sales.
 Leigh Valentine was raised in St Louis, Missouri in a household that uniquely prepared her for inevitable success in the health and beauty industry. Her father, Dr. Robert Middleton, was a well-known medical doctor and surgeon in the area. Her mother, Mrs. Mary Middleton led the nation in sales for Stanley Home Products and appeared in Life Magazine as an entrepreneur. Her childhood instilled in her both a desire to affect people’s health and well-being, along with the business savvy to make her ventures successful. Driven by her focus on both fashion and beauty, Ms. Valentine attended the University of Tampa and Florida State University. She was crowned Miss Tallahassee and after graduation, went on to become Miss Missouri USA. Leigh earned a double major in Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising. After a near-death experience from a car accident left her hospitalized for months fighting for her life, Ms. Valentine found a renewed purpose in helping others and achieving her personal goals. Through faith, surgery, and several miracles, she made a complete recovery despite being told by her doctors that she would never walk normally again. She went on to build a successful modeling career, becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SGA) and starring in several national television commercials. Throughout her success, she never lost sight of her goal. That goal was to start a company founded on helping other women boost their self-confidence by reaching their health and beauty potential.
 Leigh Valentine built on her successes in fashion and modeling by venturing into the world of cosmetics - working with industry leaders such as Revlon, Estee Lauder, and Lancôme. After gathering the necessary tools and know-how she’d need to start her own skin care company, she founded the Leigh Valentine Collection, with the purpose of helping women “during the time in their lives when they begin to see and feel the signs of aging.” Through her own tireless efforts formulating cutting edge anti-aging products, Ms. Valentine launched her own Health and Beauty Line in 1998. Products like the Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit and the Firm & Lift Serum went on to become extremely successful - so much so that the infomercial featuring them became the longest running televised beauty infomercial in skin care history. Ms. Valentine, as CEO of Leigh Valentine Beauty, continues to help tens of thousands of women regain a more youthful look and renewed self confidence. Her products are currently being sold through the Leigh Valentine web site. Consistently focused on helping others reach their potential, Ms. Valentine has also authored several self-help books, including "Successfully You, Reversing Your Misfortunes." Her upcoming release is entitled "50 Ways to Give Yourself a Non-Surgical Facelift." More information can be found on her company’s official skin care website, www.leighvalentine.com. Ms. Valentine’s philanthropy has also taken the form of extensive charitable work and motivational speaking appearances around the globe. 
Causes and Charities
Ms. Valentine travels internationally as an inspirational and motivational speaker, having coached thousands of people in over 30 countries on Business, Charitable Giving, and Biblical Principles. She has appeared on The 700 Club, Paula White Today, Living the Life, 100 Huntley Street, LeSea's Harvest Showand Trinity Broadcasting Network. She is prominently active with the global organization CUFI (Christians United for Israel) under the leadership of Pastor John Hagee, of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. She is the founder of Stand For Israel, raising awareness and support for the Nation of Israel. She also works with Operation Lifeshield, with Rabbi Shmuel Bowman. In addition to her involvement with numerous international children’s charities in Africa, Brazil and Israel, Ms. Valentine is an active supporter of the “Children’s Traveling Holocaust Museum.” It features over 700 pieces of artwork and brings awareness of the atrocities of the Holocaust to children throughout the United States. She has been instrumental in bringing the museum to Washington DC and most recently to the Michael Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in Miami, Florida.